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この日あのQueen Elizabethに合った」 [blog]

Now visiting toward London

Now on a bus heading toward London.
It is running on an express way.

It was a long wearing time but it's now about to be closer to its end.

This will be the first time to visit here in London.
It is not a way by a direct flight from somewhere else
but it was via roads which started from Edinburgh, Scotland.

We went through lake district where we enjoyed sailing on a ship.
UK is a country full of small hills.

Whichever you may look - you will be surrounded by hills -
some of them have a low height, some others are flat.
Anyway you will be always surrounded by greenness
almost all around you.

Beautiful country indeed !

I envy this plenty of green environments at everywhere.
But, if you look at houses of people, contrary to the vastness
of green lands everywhere, people's houses and their lands
are not big enough - rather it would be right to say on the poor side.

Now our bus is running beside that Heathrow airport..
We are just about to get off the bus just to have lunch there.

This memo stops here because we were quite lucky enough
to come across that Queen Elizabeth whose car was approaching us
from an opposite direction.

I saw her through the window glass of our bus heading to London.
It was a short distance of perhaps several meters apart……



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