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Mount Fuji - a Symbol of Japan [日本紹介]

Mount FUJI from the window of a plane

To us Japanese, Mount Fuji is not something special.
At least to me, it's just nothing - nothing special, so I was thinking.

Namely, I did not have the consciousness of [something special].

However, if you look at the real genuine Fuji san,
The impression will be quite another story !

Oh ! My Fuji san ! Wonderful ! Splendid !
I will be in the mood as if someone would be saying so to me.

Actually, if you are just in front of real Fuji san,
I wonder if someone could say as if the person would be
Little interested in it ? I doubt it. I do doubt it.

Fortunately I could see the Mount Fuji on the way
To and from Tokyo.

It was a real fortune that I could see the beautiful figure
2 times to and back from Tokyo.

This above URL is of a film I could take from a morning flight
From Kix to Haneda, Tokyo.

This work is of a amateur itself,
But the Mount Fuji taken in this film is really great.

The symbol of Japan - Fuji san - its grandeur and magnificence
takes my breath away.

What do you think ?

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