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The world is NOT full of interesting things. [Just a small talk]

Just as the world is not composed of
the handsome and beauties only,
the world is NOT made up of interesting things only.
You would rather find lots of less interesting things.
It is the fact that trifling matters or boring things are
overwhelmingly in abundance.

Just as every food cannot be delicious,
terrible foods are plentiful.
Even if the same stuffs are used to cook something,
the outcome of finish depends entirely
on how it was cooked.
If the person who cooks it is different,
its outcome should be naturally a different one.

However, unless you actually experience
such trifling matters or terrible foods,
you will be unable to notice such boring things
as boring or bad dishes as bad.
The recognition of bad things by experience
will make it possible to recognize something good
by its comparison.

Because you have ever tried terrible dishes,
you can see delicious ones as delicious.
To the effect that you are to know something
opposite in its value, it will be essential to experience
something worthless or something unpleasant
to your tongue or to your taste.

Just as things are as such in this world,
on people too, not all people are attractive.
Rather, majority people are not so charming
enough to attract other people.
By keeping company with other people
of diverse genre, and by comparing with others,
its difference will be known.

In the general Japanese society,
unless your behavior or conduct is of similar kind
with that of your fellow people that will make
the majority of the group, you will not be accepted
as a member of the group.

If you behave or say something quite different
from other members, you will be rejected.
So, as long as you live as a member of the society,
whether it is at your work place or at school
or at regional place, if you are an obviously
different existence in the society,
you will be excluded or bullied.

So, it could be something you need to be very brave
to speak amiss improper to the situation.
It is the Japanese method to speak in harmony
with other members to find a place there
among other people.
Ours is such a closed society that does not
tolerate heterodoxy.

I understand that in the western societies,
it is said that you are not qualified to join the meeting
for discussion or debate as long as you have nothing
special to insist which is different from the opinion
of other attendants.

Our society is quite opposite to it.
It is understood that it's normal
to refrain from speaking something
quite different from others.

If we have different ideas or opinions,
such story will be spoken secretly among
the limited people of close relationship.
So, the true story will not be spoken openly
in front of others of the whole.

Actually, we do not have a habit to make
a violent debate with other people and we are
not accustomed to it except the people who make it
their business to make a speech in the public
such as politicians and school teachers and others.

Because we do not have a custom
to hold a private party at home, etc.,
we are short of practice to welcome guests properly.
What we can do are limited to business-related talks
or the like or other small talks that has no importance at all.

I don't know people who are purposely making efforts
to polish oneself to prepare in anticipation of
such situation when needed to be ready to handle
whatever talks with whatever kind of people.

I doubt if people are really conscious of its necessity
to get ready to make a diplomatic conduct with words.

I personally feel it necessary especially when it comes to
the case to speak in a foreign language with overseas people.

Being unconscious of its necessity, Japanese look to have
been poor as to the diplomatic skill especially with overseas

Sociability and diplomacy would need the faculty based on
real cultivation. It is not a matter of simply language
and the difference of habits and culture, etc.
But, language should be playing a major role to make you
understood more and to provide better impression.


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