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完成度の高い磨かれた感性 ブログトップ

Delicate Sensibility of Japanese [完成度の高い磨かれた感性]

In Japan where we have distinct discrimination
of our seasons, we are apt to be very sensitive
to the flowing change of seasons.

Even a very delicate slightest change of the
season we can realize, we can enjoy the very
change particular to our climate.

Thanks to the changing climate, our sensibility
to taste it grows, and its delicate sensibility will
give influence to our daily life and our taste.

For example, we have in Japan "wagashi " or "manju"
- Japanese unique cake or Japanese style peculiar
confectionery - in which our special sensibility is
embodied, which is beyond description with words only,
and need to experience it actually to get to know what
it is like. Its appearance (color and shape) and its
feeling to the tongue and taste are all made up with
original sensibility just because of our nature.

Such sensibility is not limited to such Japanese cakes
only. The delicate attention is paid generally in
manufacturing of extensive goods as well.
The high level of quality control among Japanese
manufacturers is world-famous.
Depending upon the case, some excessive quality control
has been done even where it is not necessary.
In addition to the premise of high technical level, they
do not compromise at a proper level much lower than
their ability because they know the difference and they
much care about their point to manufacturing.

It would be something that has been cultivated in our
history of a long time by the organic combination of
the difference-realizing sensibility and the embodying
capability of the difference.

Being rough or being short of expectation will be
rejected in our society. There is no trend in our market
that accepts such coarseness. On its contrary,
impeccable performance is expected. That's why
you cannot expect the support by users or consumers
with the something wrapped with imperfection.

As such, high sensibility or high performance perfection
is our originality that was born under the influence of
our long lasting culture.

完成度の高い磨かれた感性 ブログトップ