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是非直接話して試して下さい ブログトップ

今はやりのskypeによる英会話 ー 私の友達をお勧め [是非直接話して試して下さい]

Are you interested in speaking English ?

If you are looking for a good teacher
who could help you practice your oral
conversation by skype, I have one good
proposal for you.

Try this lady (my friend) who is really friendly
and capable to lift you up to a higher level
pleasant to you as long as you will have
real enthusiasm and passion for the purpose.

It is not my business to introduce the organization,
but it is my business to do something I can do to help
my charming friend now looking for new students.

Try to speak to her personally (specify her when you call)
to see what you want to do, although it looks like that
you can do in Japanese too to check the system
of the relevant organization.
まずは、彼女と直接話してみて下さい。 (彼女を先生として気に入れば、

Her name is: "Lenie" 彼女のURLはこちら(クリックしてください):

I wish you good luck !

Nick Ecrivain
是非直接話して試して下さい ブログトップ