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Cataract operation [ただ一度の経験]

Cataract – a disease common among old people

As you grow older, the possibility to suffer from Cataract will also grow.
It’s a disease common among old people. Actually I hear that
not a few people had been operated at hospitals or private clinics.

And the point you should need to pay attention will be your choice of operating doctor.
In my case, I got an advice from my old friend who already experienced the operation
of Cataract. People are honest to themselves. They search for useful information
and choose reliable and reputable doctor.

The doctor I decided to ask for my eye operation was a very popular lady doctor.
The degree of popularity can be checked by the number of patients waiting for their turn.

When I first visited the clinic, the waiting room was full of people. And more people were
waiting for their turn in the space of passage as well. She had lots of staffs working for
eye inspection such as eye pressure test, eyesight test, check of availability of astigmatism,
check of field of vision, blood pressure check, EKG, blood collection and the main nurse
to explain to patients instead of the doctor. And it looked to me that their speed of handling
each patient was very efficient. Everything was systematized for speedy attendance
so that the doctor can concentrate on judging.

She was a lady doctor having Ph.D. in Medicine and yet very gentle to people and
very impressive. That will be one of the reasons she is charming people.
And I was very lucky I could request to her for my operation.

The operation itself will be finished in about 15 minutes on the operation chair.
And the day operation will be done is Wednesday AM only. It was May 16th (Wed).

The persons who got together this day to get operated was 5 people.
Before to enter the operation room, the nurse put eye drops into my right-side eye
to be operated that day. One of the drops was that one to make my eye forcibly kept open,
which will last for some 6 hours. I know it because I have ever experienced the eye drop
before at a different hospital years ago.

During the operation, you cannot cough or sneeze.
The operation is a very fine work on the eyeball. You need to get your crystalline lens
replaced by an artificial lens. Supersonic waves will be used to break the crystalline lens
and suck the original lens which were broken to pieces out of the eye.
So, the doctor needs to be very skillful with the hand for operation.

According to the statistics, the annual number of the domestic operation in Japan
will be 1,400,000. It belongs to the most frequently done surgery among
the surgical operations. You can get it done at university hospital or
general hospital or even at ophthalmologic clinic of your town.

In my case, I choose a doctor of the town clinic where my classmate received
the same operation one year earlier. I got useful information from the friend that
my doctor is a very popular lady doctor lots of patient rush in one after another
from the early morning. The building of the clinic opens at 8:00 am daily.
And the clinic will open at 8:30 am. In fact, patients come and wait in front of
the building before 8:00 am hoping not to wait too long till the return comes.

Depending on the hospital/clinic, 2 kinds of way you can choose – one is
a complete hospitalization and another is day hospitalization (one-day hospital stay).

The first hospital I visited was near my house and their service was one-week
hospitalization only. I cannot accept the way because I need to work for
my customers and its department of ophthalmology gave me a bad impression on me.

The town clinic I chose was a little away from my place – need to take a bus
up to the nearest station and then some 15 minutes are required to reach
the station of destination, followed by some 3 minute walk up to the clinic building
– a full course of some 50 minutes (depends on the availability of bus and train of the time).
But it was worth visiting the doctor of the clinic.

When an operation will be done, anesthesia is required.
It was a local anesthesia by simple eye drop.
I couldn’t see myself being operated but found the information that it is a very delicate
operation needing high skill of a doctor with a high-level operation equipment
under the observation by a microscope. So, the choice of doctor is important.
You cannot leave the choice to whichever doctor you request for the choice of a hospital.
I had an impression when I saw my doctor – she is it ! – and I had no concern about her.

Inspection before operation:
1) Check for the operation itself
2) Check for the decision on how the patient can see after the operation

Just for 1),
Eyesight, Progress degree of the cataract, If other diseases are available or not,
Condition of eyelid, Blood Test, EKG inspection and the check of whole body condition

Just for 2),
Influence on eyesight after the operation, Inspection for decision of the degree of lens
to be inserted into the eyeball.

Inspection before operation is very important and it gives influence on the operation.
The advance of inspection level has been giving largely contribution to the result of
the operation. It helps for the improvement of eyesight after the operation and to lower
the rate of occurrence of complications.

The inspection which will affect the result of operation will be the inspection
for the decision of the kind of lens and its degree of vision. Because of the improvement
of the level of inspection and operation, the quality of how you can see (Quality of Vision)
has been possible to be chased. There has been much advance recently as it was the general medical concept that it was ok if you become able to see up to some several years ago.

Major Inspection before Operation of Cataract:

1. Medical Questionnaire --- Actual View of Patient
2. Refraction Check ----Eyesight Check of the time
3. Eye Pressure Check --- if other disease (besides cataract) is available or not
4. Microscope Check ------ The Advance Degree of the cataract
5. Fundus Examination --- if other disease (besides cataract) is available or not
6. Cornea Inner Skin Cell Check – Operation Durability of the Cornea and the influence
on the Eyesight after the operation
7. Measuring of Eye Axial Length and the Cornea Curvature Radius---Decision of Degree
For the lens to be used

The procedure of Operation:
1. Remove the front portion of lens capsule
2. Phacoemulsification & Suction
From the peeled window, insert the supersonic wave releasing bar to break finely
the crystalline lens and to suck them.
3. Insert the artificial lens into the lens capsule

After the operation, eye patch will be stuck on the operated eye which can be removed
its next morning in the clinic. And then, you need to wear a plastic eyeglasses
to protect the eye 24 hours a day from the shock, water or dust, etc. And you cannot
wash your face.

So, if operated in the hot season when sweat is spurted from the forehead, it is terrible.
It was lucky I had the operation in the beautiful season of May. I recall that it was
late January when I first visited the clinic and asked for the operation. I waited for
full 4 months till my turn of operation, although my doctor is weekly doing
the same operation every (Wed).

On the day of operation, you cannot drive a car.
It is not so easy to walk with one eye open and one another eye covered by eye patch.
That’s why it was strongly recommended that someone else could accompany when
you return home after the operation. My wife accompanied me. Because of the difficulty
to walk, I came home directly from the clinic and spent the rest of the day quietly
without doing anything.

After the operation, need to attend to the clinic daily for 4 days except Sunday for daily check.
In my case, operation was (Wed) and attended on (Thu), (Fri), (Sat) and (Mon) for daily inspection. And, after that I was instructed to come its (Fri) skipping 3 days.
During these days, the congestion on the white of the eye looked getting less gradually.

The same operation will be conducted next week (Wed).
Today (Fri) I received a new small plastic bottle of eye drop which is needed for next operation
of left eye. I am to use it from (Sun) till (Tue). On the other hand, I need to use 3 kinds’
eye drop for right eye for some further longer term till my doctor allows me to stop it.
Operation will be done in a moment, but the aftercare after the operation needs really long time.

This is the recollection of my operation of last year 2018.

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Now visiting toward London 2016年6月11日 8:05 [ただ一度の経験]


Now visiting toward London .......

Now on a bus heading toward London. It is running on an express way.
It was a long wearing time but it's now about to be closer to its end.

This will be the first time to visit here in London.
It is not a way by a direct flight from somewhere else
but it was via roads which started from Edinburgh, Scotland.

We went through lake district where we enjoyed sailing on a ship.
The highlight there was a visit to Wentworth's house and garden.

UK is a country full of small hills. Whichever you may look - you will
be surrounded by hills - some of them have a low height, some others are flat.

Anyway you will be always surrounded by greenness almost all around you.
Beautiful country indeed !
I envy this plenty of green environments at everywhere.
But, if you look at houses of ordinary people, contrary to the vastness of green lands
everywhere, people's houses and their lands are not big enough - rather
it would be right to say on the modest side.

Now our bus is running beside that Heathrow airport..
We are just about to get off the bus just to have lunch there.

This memo stops here because we were quite lucky enough to come across
that Queen Elizabeth whose car was approaching us from an opposite direction.
I saw her through the window glass of our bus heading to London.

It was a short distance of perhaps several meters apart……
And because she was sitting on the right side of its seat and
as she was looking her right-side direction, I could clearly see her face.
Very beautiful she was indeed ! .......

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とでも言うのでしょうか。 誰も何も言いません。 

必要でもない限り、より億劫になる。 それが普通だと思っている。

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