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Culture to "share" things and to "reject" others [hunting vs cultivating]

Our Japanese culture is fundamentally different
completely from that of Western countries.
We are blessed with rich natures and
we worship plenty of gods who inhabit in diverse
natural things.
We don't have a habit to reject others
and we would rather have an inclination to
assimilate each other and to share things mutually.

On the other hand,
in Western countries (and also in some other
Asian countries) etc., it would be the world
to adore one single god where other gods
cannot be accepted at all.

In the case of western worlds, in their severe
natural environments, they had been historically
compelled to fight each other to get what they need
to live among the limited quantity volume of foods.
In other words, it had been the culture where
the stronger prey upon the weaker.
They cannot afford to accept something or
someone different.

Japan is a country called as "Yamato no kuni"
(大和の国). It's a country having the culture of
big "harmony". As in the 1st chapter of the
17-chapter constitution enacted by a historically
famous prince of an emperor called as
"Shoutokutaishi" (574~622),
it is our culture of being valuable with such "harmony".

That's why the people who came over to our land
did not expel their former inhabitants, nor did
such former inhabitants exclude the new comer tribes
in our long old history. They grew together and
made up new mixed people in our country.
There exists the thought to look for the way of
living together peacefully by getting mutually
assimilated, and then there exists our people now.

That would be because the rich Japan made us
possible to live together without fighting each other
to get the foods needed. This situation of ours -
our background of natural environment and social
environment - look to be different from that of
Western societies where they could only survive
on plunder of others.

Our germ of democracy can be seen in the
17-chapter constitution established in the year
604 A.D. by Shoutokutaishi. On the other hand,
the headwaters of Western democracy would be
in the Magna Charta of A.D. 1215 year - it was
behind by about 600 years than ours.

In the early 7th century, most of the lands in Europe
were uncivillized and people were in battle for hegemony.
When the people in the Western worlds were at
their climax of making waves for their survival -
fighting was everywhere - our people already
established a peace constitution. Japanese
culture was running much ahead of other countries'
to that effect.

hunting vs cultivating ブログトップ