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Be prepared any time. ブログトップ

Good Luck doesn't repeat itself ! [Be prepared any time.]

If you find a good luck passing in front of you,
be sure to reach your hand and be sure to hold it!

If you miss it once, it will never ever show up again.
It's of prime importance that you would get it and make it yours.
Letting it pass you by is the worst thing you should definitely avoid.

To those who are reluctant to grasp the opportunity,
such a good chance will never happen again.

To those who are prepared to get it,
good luck will smile.

So, check out and make sure if you are ready or not yet
just to prepare for any chance to come.

Being conscious of getting ready is important
Without the consciousness,
it is likely that you will let is pass you by with or without notice.

It might look petty
but the difference between getting notice and without it will make a big difference.

It's something like the ability which is called in the name of "serendipity".
It's something you should have the capability of making the most of it.

Opportunity is something you will make efforts to try to draw it closer to you.
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Be prepared any time. ブログトップ