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Use of SNS [Make the most of SNS]

I use a SNS.
The world has been a very convenient one
because you can communicate
any time with anyone of the world with ease
as long as it is the communication
between or among PC users.

Fundamentally you do not need to be much concerned
about the cost involved just for sending or receiving
messages by your PC.
To those who are interested in,
you can do it to the utmost extent you like.
There is no barrier or obstacle like a border
that lies and hinders the flow of people
between countries.
You can easily exchange messages mutually
and simultaneously on the connected spot.
If you use Skype,
you can make a free international talk
just like using a conventional phone.

SNS is the tool you can use it for private purpose
between or among individuals.
I'm not sure if some information
of objective analysis of the entire users
is available or not on various SNS that exist.
But, it looks like that the following inclination is available:

1) A means for young girls and ladies
to locate their boy friend or future partner.
2) Money laundering
3) Purely for finding pen friends

It shows a trend that the (1) finding boy friend or
future partner is overwhelming.
The (3) pure purpose of searching pen pals is very limited.
Even if it states that it's the purpose to look for pen friends,
many of them are actually thinking to make progress
to further developped relationship,
if the mutual story makes some advancement.
If a lover relationship could be achieved,
then its next step of relationship to be a life partner
will be within the reach.
With such specific idea in the head,
while making it known in their message,
they approach you to see what will happen
with shortest possible distance.

I see the trend - obvious to my eyes - among those
of especially Western people,
which we do not find among Japanese.
Perhaps, modest reserved way of
general Japanese might be rather exceptional.
Most of overseas people are much more aggressive
and sometimes very enticing.
So, if you give a negative response back,
they will give you up and change their way
to a different direction soon
and they will never be back again.
Very simple and very straight is their way indeed.

The (3) purely pen pals wanted pattern - it is referred to
on the premise that the themes to be mutually talked about
shall extend to in diverse field of things.
So, those who are young and short of abundance of experiences
might have difficulty in handling
such too much diversity and depth of things.

However, on their prime interest
like the subject of love they try to find,
you will find too smart mails
more than sufficient to appeal to right people,
because it is of their utmost importance
of the time in their life.
It has closest connection with their future life
and how they can expect it to be.
So, it is quite likely that
they could be eloquent to appeal to their target.
But, on the other matters,
they might remain silent
as it has no necessity to be too hot or too talkative.

About the (2) money laundering, too many cases came
in the past for my rejection.


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