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Speaking of my personal mentality [日本は八百万神の国]

I love my life as free as a bird that can freely fly to anywhere - I mean
free from any binding or restraint spiritually and mentally - free from
any stereotype that is prevalent among many parts of the world.

I don't think I am free in the realm of money or economy factor.
But, I am really free as long as my mental situation is concerned.
It is because I think I have no God of my own. I am not influenced
by any religion of the world. What I mean to say is that I do not say
as if I were an atheist or skeptic or freethinker or the like. Simply I do
not show any interest at all in any religion as something like an object
I would be engaged in. To me personally, it would not be something
that will have some significance. I really have no time to spend for it
in my short life short of time.

It doesn't mean that I deny religions. As it is openly admitted on
the rule of our country, I do agree to the freedom to believe in God
of any kind. It's just a personal issue whether to believe or not in
something, that cannot be meddled or interfered by other people.

If we look at the history of human kind, we find plenty of conflicts
or collisions caused by the difference of religion. It is needless
to refer to in its further particulars. Because I do not know well
about the histories of remote countries, I have no warrant for
trespassing. Although past histories can never be rewritten,
looking at them as an outsider, I do wonder how the history of
fighting each other could have been, should they have had
no religion mutually and find no cause for mutual conflict or quarrel.
Of course, the difference of tribe accompanied with the difference
of language that is used might be enough to be the cause of
fighting by the lack of proper communication that will cause mutual
misunderstanding. But, to my eyes, if we look at the very
distinguished factor that for example Christianity will have
no room to entertain Islamism and vice versa, the differnce of
religion alone could be sufficient for the cause of fighting.
It is clear that the God of Allah will never admit or approve any
other God as God and reject all of them. It would be the same
with another monotheism Judaism. In my opinion, such existence
of monotheism will work badly on them.

If I speak of the case of Japan, we have plenty of Gods. we call
it in Japanese: Yaoyorozu-no-kami[八百万神]. It's literally
8 millions Gods. From the ancient time, our people have had
the concept of finding Gods in everything that exists. And each
God does not urge our people to fight each other. That's the very
different thing. If the society is developed, we see lots of fighting
in the form of power game just for the assumption of power in the
society. So, at the level of people having power, they ran a race f
or power. But, ordinary people in the class of ordinary citizen
will find no reason to fight as long as they can eat. Japanese people
rather cherish or have respect for harmony which is called as "wa" (和)
in Japanese. It is the extreme end of the other side from "fighting".
we Japanese are the people who love peace - not war. Our
ancestors never had war historically just for their greedy purpose
or selfish invasion but just for the national security. we are the
people who are qualified to hold pride in our people and their true
history that has the longest chain on this globe of single assimilated
blood. So, we basically do not need to have religion as a basis
of our society. In our safe society (most safe in the world), crimes
are not many. If some serious crime's news is available in Japan,
the offender is mostly Chinese or Korean or now Japanese from
such origins. The increase of people from such background in Japan
will make our society worse. They may look rather similar in the
appearance, if you look at them with the eyes of Western people
at distant places, but they are fundamentally quite different people
from us Japanese. Their cultural trait will now causing too terrible
air pollution issue over their vast continent for one. Their rivers had
turned to red colors. The rich people in China want safe foodstuffs
from abroad and do not eat their too risky foods made in China.
They do not pay attention to safety and they will add even poison
to foods if it will serve to make more temporal profit money to them.
It is no wonder that their bridge will fall down all of a sudden or
even if their high speed train like TGV will make a big accident.
Anything goes in China. The more you know them, the more their
actuality will make us shocked with great surprise. I don't want
to write in this way but these are only a part of their reality, of the
people who invaded the country of Tibet to make them their own.
Similar invasion was done on Xinjiang Uighur - a Turkish-related
country of Moslem. China is now having collision with Vietnam
and Phlippine in the sea region of South China Sea on one hand.
On the other hand, China has been trying to invade our Senkaku
islands - our own territory in the true history. That is a country
who always tries to expand their own territory to outer directions
by making false story. I wonder if these real facts are known in
Europe ? What they advertise by using NY Times and Washington
Post are all false stories for their own propaganda purpose.
The similar things have been done by Korea - their nation does
brainwashing on their innocent people with false informations.
And what they say are all lies. They are lie-telling country and
false-story educating country domestically in the nation-wide scale.
Do you know these facts ? Of course, I know some good people
there but perhaps exceptionally.

日本は八百万神の国 ブログトップ